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Scott Galt can’t remember a time in his life when his weekends didn’t revolve around Georgia (GA) BBQ.  Weekends were spent either at family BBQ gatherings or traveling to Greater Atlanta BBQ joints with his family.  It was on those weekends that he developed a taste for hickory-smoked meats, accentuated with GA style BBQ sauce - - a regional melting pot style of influences that typically combines ketchup, mustard, vinegar, and spices.

Sensing a budding BBQ chef, Scott’s parents bought him his first grill at age 16 and a lifelong passion was ignited.  Before long, he was able to smoke or grill as well as anybody around.  But, still it was missing something.  The commercial BBQ sauces he tried never quite matched the homemade versions of his youth no matter how much he doctored them.  He set out to develop a sauce with the perfect balance of light sweetness, tang, heat, and smoke.  After nearly 10 years of trial-and-error, he finally found the right tweaks to a family heirloom recipe:  a secret blend of 17 eastern and western spices and the fresh zing of lime.  The resulting sauce was thick, rich and deep red in color with spices suspended throughout, layering flavors of sweet, sour, butter, and smoke. It complemented, rather than overwhelmed, a perfectly cooked piece of meat and added a surprising depth of flavor.  Scott had finally achieved his goal of creating a versatile, everyday GA style BBQ sauce, thick enough for glazes and tasty enough for topping and dipping.

Armed with his sauce, Scott began entering BBQ competitions in GA, placing in the top 10 in nearly every competition, including winning first place for his sauce.  The momentum propelled him to establish The Sauce Company, Inc. in 1989 and briefly sell his sauce commercially before growing frustrated with the obstacles met by a small company.  Struggling to support a growing family while pursuing his dream of selling his sauce, he placed the dream on hold and returned to his stable career as a pipefitter. 

Still, he continued to BBQ and cook the sauce for friends and family, evolving the recipe to be healthier over the years by making the ketchup base from scratch and removing unnatural ingredients such as High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).  Finally, in 2014, with the growing appetite for healthier artisanal products, the variety of sales options for smaller producers, and encouragement from friends and family, Scott decided it was now or never.  The Sauce Company, Inc. opened for business again, and Georgia’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce was launched.

Paying further tribute to the Georgia style BBQ sauces of his youth, Scott was also determined to introduce a vinegar-based BBQ sauce along with versions with a little more heat.  He now has four BBQ sauces and his ketchup on the market:  Georgia's Gourmet Barbeque Sauce™, Georgia's Spicy Hot Barbeque Sauce™Georgia's Vinegar Barbeque Sauce™Georgia's Vinegar Hot Barbeque Sauce™, and Georgia's Gourmet Tomato Ketchup™

All of Scott’s BBQ sauces are crafted with the finest ingredients and contain his secret blend of eastern and western spices finished with a fresh zing of lime. All products are free of HFCS, MSG and Gluten.

The Sauce Company, Inc. is largely a one-man business, with Scott working night shifts as a pipefitter so he can focus on building the business during the days.  Any time he has left is spent working on new recipes and because old habits die hard, enjoying BBQ with his family on the weekends.


Make sure to visit www.georgiasauce.com to place an order or to find a listing of Georgia retailers.  You can also contact Scott directly by email, phone or mail if you have questions or news to share.

Email: info@georgiasauce.com

Phone: 678.689.1496

Mailing Address: PO Box 27 Lilburn, GA 30048-0027

Mission Statement

To create and sell great all natural wholesome sauces, condiments and products for people to enjoy, teaching the skills and techniques of Georgia BBQ. 

From Our Customers

"Your sauce has such a unique, natural flavor. It makes everything we use it on taste so much better!" -Marty Horning

"We have thoroughly enjoyed using your sauce. As a native Georgian, I must compliment the taste you have achieved, which is typical to Georgia barbeque." -Thomas Mayo

"I think it's the best sauce I have ever tasted, and I've sampled a lot over the years!" -Betty Read Young

"I bought a bottle of your Georgia's Gourmet Barbeque Sauce. That is the best stuff I have ever tasted. I want to buy more!" -Jim Wilkes